About Us

About Us:

Aquilon Software was co-founded by Phil Patton and Greg Condon in 2006 when they acquired intellectual property rights to Aquilon ERP. Phil and Greg have been working together for the last 25 years developing, implementing and supporting ERP systems. Our passion is ERP systems for small and medium-sized businesses. We firmly believe that these organizations, if they acquire the right products and implement the system to the fullest extent, will not only gain efficiencies within the business, but will improve customer service, improve asset utilization, and cut costs. The net result is an improved bottom line, setting the stage for profitable growth.

Management Team:

Phil-PattonPhil Patton is a Chartered Accountant specializing in business systems for distributors and manufacturers, and has participated in more than 1400 ERP implementations over the last 25 years. Prior to founding Aquilon Software, Phil served as CIO to Sauder Industries for over 8 years. Phil is active in the Vancouver BC chapter of APICS and currently Director of Education. He also holds CPI M, CPF and CDDP certifications.

Greg-CondonGreg Condon, co-founder and CTO, holds a diploma from BC IT in operations management. Greg first got involved in ERP systems in 1987 when he implemented an early version of Syspro. Since 1988 Greg has focused on the development of ERP systems with a focus on small to medium-sized companies.

Peter-GoudreauPeter Goudreau – Sales. With many years of solutions selling experience Peter has experience to recommend the right solution to meet a customer’s needs. Peter manages direct sales in British Columbia, Canada.

Andrew Kaweski heads up the Support group and  has been in the ERP world for more than 25 years. He is intimately familiar with Aquilon Software having been involved in both support and quality assurance of Aquilon ERP and is predecessors for more than 15 years.

Bruce Fraser, a Senior Business Analyst & Developer has also been involved with Aquilon ERP and its predecessors for more than 15 years. Bruce has been responsible for the design, programming and implementation of key functionality in the system.