Purchase Order

Purchase Order

The Purchase Order module is not just a vehicle to create and track purchase orders. Included is a powerful Replenishment Planning system, which using demand driven principles, calculates the net requirements of all the ‘bought out’ items in your inventory system. Using powerful buying rule algorithms, the Replenishment Planning system collects all of the necessary data and does all of the math necessary to help planners to decide on the quantities to order.

Furthermore the system uses the landed cost routing (from the Landed Cost Tracking module) to calculate the expected landed costs of the new shipments, to give you the new costs at hand before they are delivered thereby enabling you to be proactive with your selling prices and margin control.

The ‘Purchase Order’ module integrates to:

  • Inventory for all inventory on hand details
  • Sales orders for all current sales demand
  • Sales Orders for all special orders copied from sales order to purchase order
  • Work in Progress for all direct to work order purchases
  • Product definition to calculate net requirements from finished goods demand
  • Estimating module for demand created by custom manufactured products
  • Landed Cost Tracking for the routing details to calculate additional costs for inbound deliveries
  • Accounts Payable for accruals of inventory received, but not yet matched to supplier invoices


  • Multi-company replenishment planning
  • Multiple Buying Rules
  • Multi-currency
  • GRN (payables) accrual system
  • Detailed notes system
  • Document linking and retrieval
  • Supplier stock code cross reference
  • Supplier performance tracking
  • Automatically fax or email purchase orders
  • Multi-warehouse replenishment planning
  • Multiple planners and buyers
  • Return Merchandise Advice system
  • Inco-terms
  • Expense codes for non-inventory orders
  • Multiple order comment lines
  • Supplier contract prices
  • Multiple purchase order formats


  • Time savings with replenishment planning workflow for calculations and purchase order creation
  • Balance your inventory by having more the of the right stuff and less of the wrong stuff on hand and in the pipeline
  • Detailed audit trails for all master data, inventory movements and supplier performance
  • Up to date and accurate costs at your fingertips
  • Accurate margins with real time information
  • Tight intergation with all other modules

Example screen shots

The Replenishment Planning system’s Purchasing Worksheet gives you total visibility into all of your inventory issues and calculates the suggested order quantity for review

The purchase order inquiry gives you a 360-degree view of all of the information applicable to each purchase order.