Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis

A critical part of any business is Sales Analysis. Aquilon’s Sales Analysis module analyzes your sales to help you understand by product type, territory, salesperson, product, customer, date and any combination of these, what is happening in your business. The analysis function selects, sorts, and summarizes sales transactions and presents them in numeric and graphic forms, supporting both pre-defined and ad hoc queries.

The Sales Analysis module comes with some pre-set reports and queries. But many businesses have the need for their unique analysis which is solved using Aquilon’s “Sales Model Wizard” The Wizard is a 5 step sales model generator which guides the user through the data and attributes that can be analyzed. There are many different values that may be reported back including sales, margins ($), margins (%), budgets, weights, volumes and others. Finally, you have a choice of time periods scaling from weekly to monthly, quarterly, and annual, with comparisons to previous periods

When the model is set up the system, using the history files, creates the new sales cube for analysis. There is no limit to the number of additional sales models that can be set up. All sales models are kept up to date in real time, so there is no need for batch updates.

Also, the sales modeling system allows you to consolidate sales across multiple companies if so required.

Features of Sales Analysis:

  • Sales by customer
  • Sales by inventory product class
  • Real time sales analysis
  • Flexible analysis using export to Excel
  • Sales profitability
  • Sales, costs, margins, margin percentage
  • Sales by sales person
  • Sales tax reporting
  • Sales Wizard for unique requirements
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual reporting
  • Price and margin override reports
  • Quantities, weight and volume

Benefits of Sales Analysis:

  • Tight intergation with sales history files
  • Detailed audit trails for all sales analyzed
  • Analyze any sales data, in any way if the history is on file
  • Real time update of all sales models
  • Ease to use “Sales Wizard” allows you to create unique sales models
  • Sales budgeting system saves yoru sales department time and effort when creating annual sales budgets

Sales Analysis Example screen shots

Sales by sales person

Sales by customer

Sales by product class