Sales Order

Sales Orders and Invoicing

The Sales Orders module is a very powerful and flexible system designed to cater for multiple types of sales types. Examples include quotations, normal sales, billings, back-orders, direct/drop shipments, inter-branch transfers, inter-company sales and scheduled orders.

Of significance in the Sales Orders system is a built in configurator. The configurator is setup using the Product Definition module and allows you to develop a step by step configuration process. The configuration system is designed for businesses that need to build configurable products on the fly and produce quotes for customers.

The system caters for multiple methods of sales pricing including; simple pricing, coded pricing, quantity discount pricing, extended pricing, buying groups and contract pricing.

The system also caters for merchandise and non-merchandise sales, service charges, miscellaneous charges and freight charges.

The ‘Sales Orders’ module integrates to:

  • Inventory for all standard product sales
  • Estimating for custom product sales
  • Work in Progress for part billings
  • Purchase order for special orders
  • Product Definition for kit sales
  • Product Definition for configuration items
  • Accounts Receivable when invoices, credit and debit notes are created

Features of Sales Orders:

  • Multiple branch control
  • User defined terms tables
  • Inter-company invoice
  • Inter-branch transfers
  • Consolidated picking schedules
  • Batch or on-line printing of documents
  • Documents can be sent to email or fax
  • Commissions calculations and reporting
  • Sales order configurator
  • Multiple warehouse sales
  • All documents are stored for reprint
  • Sales Order to Purchase Order copy
  • Comprehensive back order system
  • Quotations direct to sales orders
  • Reason for credit analysis
  • Standard and custom comment lines
  • Kit sales

Benefits of Sales Orders:

  • Tight intergation with all other modules
  • Detailed audit trails for all master data and financial changes
  • Time savings with payment workflow and planning
  • Never double pay invoices with built in internal controls
  • Improve cash flow and reduce costs using built in features
  • Sales configurator saves time and effort, reduces errors and imrpoves customer service

Example screen shots

A detailed inquiry system allows you to look at all supplier transactions in detail, giving visibility into purchases, supplier ranking, and outstanding amounts.