Bank Book

Bank Book

The Bank Book is the hub to all cash flow within the Aquilon ERP system. Bank Book contains the details of all bank accounts used for bank and statement reconciliations. Aquilon’s Bank Book is an independent module rather than being incorporated into the General Ledger as some other packages are. Use this module for all bank accounts, credit lines and credit cards with the specific ‘bank account” functionality built into the system.
The ‘Bank Book’ module integrates to:

  • Accounts Receivable for all deposits received
  • Accounts Payable for payments made
  • Payroll for all salaries and wages paid
  • General Ledger for deposit and payment distribution

Features of Bank Book:

  • Multiple branch control
  • Multiple banks
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Recurring entries
  • Multiple currencies
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Import bank statements
  • Bank charges and service charges

Benefits of Bank Book:

  • Tight integration with all other modules
  • Multiple currency control
  • Independent module gives you a seperation of duties
  • Detailed audit trails for all master data and financial changes
  • Time savings with easy to use bank reconciliation features
  • Control cash flow with visibility into all cash requirements
  • Improve cash flow and reduce costs using built-in features

Bank Book example screen shots

A detailed inquiry system allows you to look at all banks in detail, giving visibility to all cash and credit available and drill down into deposits and payments.