Canadian Payroll

Canadian Payroll

The ‘Canadian Payroll’ module is an extremely flexible and effective payroll module fully integrated into the Aquilon ERP system. The payroll caters for all Canadian Provinces and all the standard earnings, benefits and deductions.

Canadian Payroll includes all standard Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), reports built-into the system. Regular updates to Canadian Tax, Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI) tables are provided.

Canadian Payroll includes user-defined earnings, deductions, and benefits descriptors which allow you to setup your own earnings, deductions and benefits based on your companies particular needs. Each of the descriptors can be setup to attract, if necessary, taxes, CPP and EI.

The ‘Canadian Payroll’  module integrates to:

  • Bank Book/reconciliation for all payments made to employees
  • Work in Progress module for time cards
  • General Ledger for expense distribution

Features of Canadian Payroll:

  • Multiple branch control
  • User defined earnings
  • User defined benefits
  • User defined deductions
  • Multiple work departments
  • Flexible rates and premium codes
  • CRA remittance
  • Multiple pay periods
    • monthly
    • semi-monthly
    • every two weeks
    • weekly
  • T4’s
  • ROE’s

Benefits of Canadian Payroll:

  • Tight intergation with all other modules
  • User defined payslips
  • Pay by cheque
  • EFT payments
  • Detailed audit trails for all master data and financial changes
  • Time savings with simple payroll calculation
  • Ability to cancel and recalculate easily, until you are happy with the pay run
  • Detailed GL integration

Canadian Payroll example screen shots

A detailed inquiry system allows you to look at all employee transactions in detail, giving visibility into all information relating to the employee.