Aquilon ERP’s Estimating module is used to build quotations for custom made products. The Estimating system is extremely flexible, allowing for multiple groups of items on any particular estimate.

Products are configured using a combination of existing bills of material (standard sub-assemblies or finished products), adding materials from the inventory system and including any machine time, labor and overhead charges.  The system calculates the cost of the item from the input data and allows you to add various levels of markup and profit, to create a suggested sell price.

The Estimating module will, when the client accepts the quote, optionally create a sales order and a manufacturing job, saving time and effort through reduced keystrokes.

If the newly configured product is to become a standard product moving forward, the Estimating module can automatically create a standard bill of material in the Product Definition module.

The detailed inquiry system provides full details of all transactions, material issues, labor charges, variances, scrap, and billings for actual vs. expected costs.
The ‘Estimating’ module integrates to:

  • Product Definition – to add standard assemblies or finished products
  • Product Definition – to add labor, machine, and overhead rates
  • Inventory – to add other materials required
  • Sales Orders – to create a new sales order from an accepted customer quote
  • Work in Progress – to create jobs from an accepted customer quote

Features of Estimating:

  • Create new or modified products
  • Add material and labor markups
  • Add required profit markups
  • Create bills of material for new products
  • Produce professional looking quotations
  • Create the sales order from a quotation
  • Create a job from a quotation

Benefits of Estimating:

  • Tight integration with all other modules
  • Detailed audit trails for all master data and financial changes
  • Time savings and increased accuracy with automatic sales order and job creation
  • Keep a full history of all previous quotations for future use

Example screen shots

Estimate inquiry