Material Requirements Planning

Material Requirements Planning

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is incorporated directly into Aquilon’s ERP system, it’s not a separate module because we believe all ERP systems should come standard with this planning ability.

The MRP system consists of two distinct planning worksheets;

The Purchasing Work Sheet (PWS) which calculates the net requirements for all ‘bought out’ items, i.e. shortages to be replenished in order to meet the demand of sales and manufacturing requirements.  The PWS acts as a ‘Distribution Requirements Planning’ (DRP) system for distributors and an MRP system for manufacturers.

The Production Planning Worksheet (PPWS), which calculates the net requirements for all ‘made in’ items, i.e. products you need to manufacture in order to fulfill your demand for all made in products whether finished goods or sub-assemblies required in the manufacture of finished goods.

PWS and PPWS integrate with:

  • Inventory for all on hand information
  • Work Orders for all component demand
  • Work Orders for all planned supply
  • Sales Orders for all component and finished product demand
  • Product Definition to determine next level demand for components and sub assemblies
  • Purchaser Orders for all incoming supply

Features for both PWS and PPWS:

  • Consolidated multi-company planning
  • Multi-warehouse
  • User defined views for different roles
  • Full audit trails with drill down
  • Workflow – calculate/ review & excecute
  • Sophisticated buying rules for different circumstances
  • Options for usage calculations
  • Options for lead time calculations
  • Lead time usage calculation
  • All demand and supply taken into account
  • Real time information
  • Net Requirements calculation
  • Suggested buy or make calculations
  • Creates purchase orders after review (auto)
  • Create work orders after review (manual)


  • Tight intergation with all other relevant modules
  • The system does the math and grunt work, displays the results for review and processing
  • Detailed audit trails and drill down for all demand and supply
  • Time savings with workflow planning and automatic purchase order creation
  • Balance and optimize your inventory with sophisticated planning rules
  • Improve customer service as well as reducing overall working capital

Example screen shots

Example of the Purchasing Work Sheet

Example of the Production Planning Work Sheet