Product Definition

Product Definition (Bill of Materials)

The Product Definition module gives you the tools to build and calculate the cost of sub-assemblies and finished products which would include; material, labor, machine time, fixed and variable overhead.

Using the Product Definition module you are able to build the components and valid option lists for Sales Order Configurator system. The Sales Order Configurator system allows you to build configurable products based on pre-defined components and pick lists.

The materials side of the bill can go to more than ten levels deep containing standard sub-assemblies, modified sub-assemblies, components and raw materials, also taking into account expected scrap.

The operations side of the bill can have operations at each level including set-up time, run-time, start-up and shut-down time, and machine time. The system will calculate, based on the material and operations bills, the standard (expected) cost of the various levels all the way to the top/ finished product item, giving you a full break down of all the costs at each level.

The ‘Product Definition’ module integrates to:

  • Inventory of all materials/ inventory details
  • Inventory for back flushing and kit issues
  • Sales Orders for building kits
  • Work in progress when creating standard jobs
  • Work in progress for kit issues
  • Estimating for creating custom products

Features of Product Definition:

  • Multiple levels of BOM’s
  • Back flushing to multiple levels
  • Factory calendar set up
  • Cost center and work centers
  • Machines
  • Multiple routing
  • Cost calculations based on inventory cost
  • “What if” costing calculations
  • Replace where used option
  • Structure validation
  • Import structures and operations
  • Multi-level trial kitting list

Benefits of Product Definition:

  • Tight intergation with all other modules
  • Detailed audit trails for all cost calculations
  • Visibility into the detail of current costs with detailed analysis
  • Visibility into affect of cost increases using “what if cost” analysis
  • Using the trail kitting list, gain visbility into whether or not you have all material available to complete the job.

Product Definition example screen shots

The Product Definition detailed inquiry system allows you to look at the make up in detail of all costs relating to each manufactured item.