Remanufacturing (Process Manufacturing)

Aquilon ERP’s Remanufacturing module is particularly useful in the lumber industry and other businesses to control multiple inputs and multiple outputs with a yield calculation. Used when there are no standard inputs or outputs, this module collects all the relevant data and returns a yield at the end of the job. The system calculates yields by using a common volume unit of measure conversion factor for all input and output material. Because the system keeps a full history of past jobs, you gain better visibility into yields based on your input sources and processes.

The Remanufacturing module, like Work in Progress, is an inventory control module. Input materials are transferred to this module, add-on value work is added to the cost of this material, and finally, processed inventory is returned to the inventory system, and a yield is calculated.

The ‘Remanufacturing”   module integrates to:

  • Inventory for all materials
  • Product definition for all Work Center rates
  • General Ledger for expense distribution


  • Multiple inputs and multiple outputs in one job
  • Yield / waste calculations
  • Detailed history kept for future analysis


  • Tight intergation with Inventory and General Ledger
  • Detailed audit trail for yield and cost calculations
  • Full history of previous jobs to plan future jobs