Work in Progress

Work in Progress (Batch Manufacturing)

Work in Progress caters for ‘make-to-stock’, ‘make-to-order’, and ‘special order’ items manufactured in a batch process. The system gives you total visibility into the “expected” vs. “actual” costs within each job.

Work in Progress caters for short, medium and long term jobs, as well as for master and sub jobs where a larger project may be made up of smaller jobs, with different materials and operations, consolidated into one large job.

The system allows for ‘kit issues’ for short run jobs and actual issues for medium and long term jobs. The ‘kit issues’ systems work for either material or labor or both if you desire.

As material and operations are recorded in the Work in Progress module, all add-on value work is added to the value of the job. Once completed, the item is either transferred to Inventory system (using actual or standard costing methods) or billed through the Sales Order module at the accumulated cost, which is relieved from the Work in Progress module.

The ‘Work in Progress’ module integrates to:

  • Product Definition for standard products
  • Estimating for custom products
  • Inventory for all material issues
  • Purchase orders for material receipts direct to a job
  • Inventory for all finished goods when job is complete
  • Sales order for direct billings
  • Canadian Payroll for time cards
  • General Ledger for sales and expense distribution


  • Standard or custom products made
  • Trial kits to check for inventory availability
  • Detailed job variance reporting
  • Kit or as used issues
  • Part billings
  • Production planning worksheet
  • Job classes
  • Dispatch lists
  • Material scrap reason analysis
  • Non-productive labor analysis
  • Work center efficiency analysis
  • Employee efficiency analysis
  • Machine efficiency analysis
  • Material allocations query
  • Labor allocations query
  • Detailed job query


  • Tight intergation with all other modules
  • Detailed audit trails for all transactions
  • Job history for future job comparisons
  • Accurate costing for profit analysis and corrective action

Example screen shots

The detailed inquiry system gives you full details of all transactions, variances, scrap and part billings. With full drill-down capabilities, all the information you need can be had at your fingertips!

Example of the production planning worksheet