System Wide Features and Benefits

System Wide Features and Benefits

Adding to the already feature-rich package, Aquilon ERP includes many bonus standard features and extras that make adopting our product even more beneficial.

Management Dashboard

The management dashboard was designed to give managers a real-time, bird’s eye view of the financial position of the company. With summaries by functional area of the business, you can immediately identify any untoward issues. Furthermore, each functional area has drill down capabilities (blue underlined) which give you the detail of the underlying data designed so that you can manage by exception.

Drill down

Drill down is available throughout the Aquilon system. Drill down allows you to start at a high level and drill down to the various details that make up the numbers. On the Management Dashboard, showed above is an example of a drill down into the branch customer summary, showed below, with a further drill down into the aged totals if required.

Audit Trails

Aquilon records all financial transactions to give you full and detailed audit trails of what has transpired in the business. All financial transactions are recorded using journals kept on file. Furthermore, all transactions in the system record the operator that made the transaction for tracking purposes. Lastly, Aquilon has an optional Job Logging system which gives you the details of the programs, dates and length of use for each of the programs run by the operator,  useful on many occasions when businesses needed to track what employees were doing.

User defined data views/ queries

Aquilon has built powerful, configurable and savable data views into the system which is similar to spreadsheet functionality giving employees a familiar tool like Excel  Views allow users to configure the data displayed to meet their job function or functions and save these views for reuse at any time in the future. The highlights of this functionality are as follows;

  • Choose the data columns for display on each row
  • Drag and drop to sequence the columns
  • Add filters to any number of the columns to narrow the data presented in the rows
  • Multi-column sorts are available to highlight the data
  • Group the data based on the content of the columns
  • Save the views and share them with other employees
  • Extract the view to Microsoft Excel for further analysis
  • Aquilon’s Views give real-time information throughout the system

An example screen shot of how you configure a view is shown next;

The next screenshot shows the final stock code data view as selected in the above screen, which is an example of a stock inquiry view tailored to the sales teams needs is shown;

Role based security

Aquilon’s role based security is setup by adding operators and roles to the system, and linking the two. Roles, when setup, determine which programs and capabilities are available. There is no limit on the number of roles, and each operator may have one or more roles. When the operator logs in only those programs that their roles allow, show on their menus. As well, within programs, there are capabilities monitored by the security system. For example, an operator who does not have the capability to “view costs and margins” will not have visibility to costs and margins throughout the system.

Document linking and retrieval

With Aquilon ERP’s document management system, you can link multiple document types to predefined or specific entities such as Customers, Suppliers, General Ledger accounts, Fixed Assets and Inventory items, permitting these documents to be viewed wherever and whenever the information is needed. Examples are;

  • Technical specifications for inventory
  • Dangerous goods handling documentation
  • Customer or supplier contracts

There is no limit to the number of documents linked or the programs that can be used for linked documents, just as long as you have that program licensed and running on your server.

Built in graphics

Some like numbers only, some like graphical representation of the information in your system. Aquilon gives you both options. In many inquiries, you have the choice of using our built-in graphics engine which gives you a choice of display options from line to bar charts and more.  An example of a bar chart graphics screen is shown next;

Flexibility / setup options

From the outset, Aquilon was designed to accommodate many different business types and many functions. Throughout the system through the setup/ selection of the options or security setup you can control what functionality is active or not. Your options are not set in stone and can be changed anytime you wish simply by flicking one of the many switches in the system. An example of the inventory “setup options” is shown in the next screenshot;

Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Excel

Aquilon is developed using Microsoft development tools and as a result, we have tight integration with Microsoft Excel for data and Microsoft Outlook for email documentation. Throughout the system, this integration is seamlessly available.

Event subscriptions

The ability to view your data real time with drill down capabilities is a fantastic benefit, but there are times when you are not in front of your computer but still want to stay abreast of important issues that are happening in your business. When using Aquilon’s events notification system, you are proactively notified via email when certain events occur. Operators chose the events that they want to follow by subscribing to those events.  A screen shot of subscriptions selected are showed next;

Fast implementation tools

We have designed a fast implementation toolset to get you up and live quickly, which reduces the costs and burden of a data conversion from your old systems. Our implementation tools provide for the three main steps in a data implementation:

  1. Creation of the master data files to build the base company data using import data files
  2. Creation of the outstanding opening balances right before you go live
  3. Creation of as much history as you wish so you can make year-over-year comparisons from day one

Data maintenance tools

The well-used term “garbage in = garbage out” is true! Over time the discipline of keeping data clean and accurate slips. This slippage creates false or inaccurate information leading to flawed decisions. Keeping your data clean is an important maintenance task and to this end, Aquilon developed a series of tools that cut down on the amount of work it takes to maintain and clean your important data files. To this end we have;

  • Created data conversion programs that allow you to convert or in some cases merge key data. In the example where stock code ABC replaces XYZ, you have the option of either converting XYZ to ABC, merging the two which combines history and on hand information or linking the codes for reference and
  • Created a “round tripping” system that allows you to extract all master data, excluding financial values and history, into a spreadsheet which is used to clean up and standardize the data giving you better information to work with allowing you to make informed decisions

An example screenshot from the inventory system lists the imports and code changes that are available, is shown next;

Report Writer

Forget to have to export data and information to external programs to create reports. Aquilon’s standard package also includes a fully integrated report writer that accesses the central database where it can pull out information quickly, and drilling down into details where needed. Design custom reports that suit your needs quickly and easily.

Financial Report Writer

Incorporated into the General Ledger module is a financial writer utility which supports organizations with multiple departments, cost centers, divisions, and companies. Examples of reports that may be created or modified are;

  • Balance Sheets
  • Income Statements
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Financial Ratios
  • Statement of Cash Flow