Customer Referral Program:

We at Aquilon believe that the biggest compliment we can get is a referral from a happy customer or someone who is familiar with our software. That’s because people listen to others they trust, especially those in the same industry experiencing the same types of business problems. So when that happens, and we get a positive recommendation, we want to say thank-you in a meaningful way. Anyone can participate including customers and others familiar with Aquilon Software.

How does it work? It’s simple!

  • Do you know of a business owner, manager or individual in a company that could benefit from a business software upgrade?
  • Pass the contact information on to Aquilon Software.

Depending on what happens next, you’ll get a reward. Specific details can be found here.

Remember that the marketplace today is more competitive than ever, and companies are seeking ways to streamline their business, reduce costs and increase revenues. Aquilon ERP is an affordable, proven, integrated business software solution, so if you know a company that could benefit it, contact us today!