Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Aquilon, we support our employees in volunteering and fundraising for non-profit organizations that serve the public good. As a company we support a ‘Day of Giving’ for each employee to volunteer one full day per year during work hours at a non-profit of their choice, as well as assisting those non-profits chosen for sponsorship by our company. By choosing to give, our employees strengthen their ties to the community, learn new skills, and experience the deep satisfaction that helping brings.

Aquilon software is designed with the environment in mind. For example, we encourage customers to ‘print’ reports to PDF so there is no need to print out paper, while having the report available instantly online. In addition, non-essential and audit reports are being replaced by views that can be exported to Excel and saved electronically. Using our software, our customers can send all reports and outgoing supplier purchase orders, customer statements, invoices and other documents by email, eliminating paper altogether.

At the office, we enjoy the challenge of finding sustainable practices to prevent harm to the environment while protecting its abundance for future generations. We are constantly evaluating our own practices to find ways to reduce waste and harmful greenhouse gas emissions at work and at home through recycling and eliminating waste. Our company vehicles are gas-misers, including a Prius C, that allow us to reduce fuel consumption on customer visits and other company-related travel.

We believe in connecting directly with the local communities in which we live and work, as well as giving to the broader global community where needs are greater than here at home. One way we do that is by volunteering and donating to Education Without Borders (EWB), whose Vancouver arm contributes to schools in South Africa. We have a very personal connection to that country and want to help people there meet their full potential through education.

Locally we also contribute to the ALS Society of BC, which helps ALS patients directly as well as funding research to find a cure.