A company’s financial budget serves as the blueprint for month-to-month operations and is the primary vehicle for oversight of company or organizational operations. While the most important data is monetary, there may be important statistical goals as well, such as headcount, hours worked, or units produced. In a for-profit organization, the sales budget is the core of the financial budget and is rolled up into the General Ledger budget when completed. With Aquilon ERP, all three types of Budgeting; financial, statistical and sales, are supported.

Aquilon ERP has two Budgeting control systems;

  • General Ledger / Financial and statistical budgets which are controlled by the finance department
  • Sales Budgets which are controlled by the sales department

General Ledger / Financial budgets

Aquilon ERP General Ledger supports Budgeting by month for financial and statistical account budgets. The system allows an extract of all financial and statistical account history into a spreadsheet, which is used to create the new budgets for the following year. Budgets imported into the GL system, are available in the Financial Report Writer to report on budget vs. actual for all periods at any time of the year. The system allows for monthly, quarterly and annual reporting, and of course allows you to do comparative reporting year on year.

Sales Budgeting

Aquilon ERP has a sophisticated Sales Budgeting system that allows each salesperson to create sales budgets by customer and product class with sales and margins and make notes on the goals for the coming year. Sales Managers review the budgets before they are approved and become the targets for the next year.

Features of the Budgeting systems:

  • Automatic roll-ups
  • Import/export to Excel
  • Support for both financial and statistical accounts
  • Support for General Ledger and Sales budgeting
  • Sales and margin budgeting by product class by customer

Screen Shots

Summary sales budget:

Customer detailed budgets: